Where are the error values stored after performing a General curve fit?

The error values do not reside in the same memory registers of the Macro Calc. after each curve fit. It actually depends on the number of parameters in the fit. The error for m1 is always stored in m30. To find the error for m2, add the total number of parameters to 30 and look in that register. After that you add the number of parameters and subtract 1 more than the last time. Here is a list of where they are stored for a 9 parameter fit:

m1 error – m30

m2 error – m39 (30 + 9)

m3 error – m47 (39 + 9 – 1)

m4 error – m54 (47 + 9 – 2)

m5 error – m60 (54 + 9 – 3)

m6 error – m65

m7 error – m69

m8 error – m72

m9 error – m74

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