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Visualize your data...

Analyze your results...

Communicate your findings.

Version 5 for Mac Now Available!

Visualize your data

Open Excel files directly or import data from a text file, with the ability to specify the structure of the text file. Display your data using one of over 25 plot types, including a variety of Line, Bar, and Statistical plots. 

Dot plot data set
Dot plot of four variables
Scatter plot with error bars and user-defined curve fit

Explore, analyze, and learn from your results

Use KaleidaGraph’s powerful nonlinear curve fitting to define and fit your own equation, apply one of our Least Squares fits, or use one of our smoothing fits to help improve the display of your data. Add error bars in almost any way imaginable.

Communicate your findings, clearly and convincingly

Customize virtually every aspect of the plot, including the axes, ticks, grids, labels, markers, lines, and colors. Place multiple plots on a single page using our Layout window. Easily export plots or layouts by copying and pasting, or export in a variety of high resolution formats.

Meeting the needs of scientists and engineers for over 30 years.

See what some of our long-time customers have to say:

I work with reams of matrix-based data and appreciate having the right tools. KaleidaGraph's the right tool for data handling, joining, filtering, and plotting for final viewing, as well as report generation. Everyone should have a copy!

Dr. Marc Popek

Engineering Research Associate, University of Nevada Las Vegas

I had been looking for graphing software that would, on one level, allow me to produce typical graphs, but, on another level, allow me to flexibly modify aspects of the graph in specific ways. The major software choices were limited. I thought I had to make do with what I had until I tried KaleidaGraph. This is a fantastic little piece of technology that is brilliant.

Elmer Villanueva, MD ScM FRIPH

Associate Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Our campus’s entire science division switched to KaleidaGraph because it is powerful, easy for students to quickly learn, and it allows them to create every type of graph they need.

Kimberly Kostka McKay

Professor of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Rock County

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