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An average research workday from the KaleidaGraph viewpoint​

A geology student uses KaleidaGraph to study the strength of planetary ice on Europa​

Non-profit organization uses KaleidaGraph to provide vital information to policy makers in northwestern Montana

E.J. Chichilnicky uses KaleidaGraph in his research at Salk Institute

David T. Ho uses KaleidaGraph in his research at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Government regulator uses KaleidaGraph to monitor water quality in Washington

KaleidaGraph helps researchers at the SETI Institute investigate groundbreaking earthquake research

Researchers use KaleidaGraph to analyze the brain's selection mechanism for preferential processing

KaleidaGraph helps researchers discover a key pheromone in honeybees

Leading university in Canada uses KaleidaGraph to study increasing heart failure rates

A collection of three journal articles provided by Prof. V. Jagannadham, World Journal of Chemical Education

An article provided by Jiangchuan Shen, Indiana University Bloomington

Two articles provided by Dr. Patrick Frank, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource/SLAC, Stanford University.

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I started using KaleidaGraph about 30 years ago, as a much welcome upgrade to the venerable Cricket Graph, which I had used on an old MacPlus since 1986 - maybe started with KaleidaGraph when I got a Mac II with color monitor, although details not so clear as it was a long time ago. Since then I have introduced it to numerous PhD, Masters, and undergrad students, so have hopefully contributed somewhat to your growth. My first intervention was always to point out, when someone presented me with a horrible Excel 'chart', that it would really be much wiser to do such things with KaleidaGraph - nobody ever told me I was wrong about this! Best wishes for the future.

Michael Robert Carroll

Professor of Petrology, University of Camerino

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