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You have come to rely on KaleidaGraph to quickly and easily visualize your data, analyze your results, and communicate your findings.

Now is the time to make the move to KaleidaGraph 5! With support for 64-bit operating systems, new ways to represent your data, and more export options, it is easier than ever to share your scientific ideas. Upgrade to v5 for Mac or Windows today!

And since our licenses are still perpetual, there is no yearly subscription fee. The only cost in the future would be to optionally buy other upgrades when they become available.

Thanks for updating KaleidaGraph - after 33+ years still very much my go-to program for plots.

Prof. Olve Peersen

I have found the new version to be a big improvement and it is great to be using KaleidaGraph for my research work again!

Dr. Chris Pearson -


64-bit versions, including native support for the M1 - M3 chips.

New plot type: Bubble plot.

Ability to overlay markers on Box, Percentile, and Summary Column plots.

Support for gradient fill patterns.

Ability to add error bars to Dot plots.

Support for exporting SVG and PDF files.

Transparent backgrounds for PNG and TIFF images.

Source of Syntax Errors are now displayed in a dialog.

Support for multiple Undos via a History dialog.

Additional enhancements include:

  • Long file name support.
  • Support for Unicode and longer text strings.
  • Ability to easily import and export comma-separated files.
  • Support for dates beyond 2040.
  • Increased the maximum number of data windows, plot windows, and General curve fits.
  • Improved the appearance of fill patterns when exported at higher resolutions.
  • Ability to specify text encoding when importing and exporting text files.
  • Improved appearance on Retina displays.
  • And more…

Ready To Upgrade?

Order through our website and start utilizing the new features in a matter of minutes.

Upgrade Pricing

Single-User Upgrade: $74.95
5-User Upgrade: $280.95
10-User Upgrade: $524.95

System Requirements

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