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Do you own KaleidaGraph version 4.1 or earlier? If you said “yes”, you can purchase an upgrade to version 4.5.4.

Five times more variables (99), 24 new markers, independent line and fill color, drop line capability, new plot types, improved plot exporting, new Slice Data command, confidence interval computation, enhanced scripting commands, and more…. Upgrade today!

Explore some of the new features by clicking any of the images below:

More control over the axes, ticks, and grids.

More options for axes, ticks, and grids.

Increased the number of variables and marker options.

Increased number of plot variables and marker options

Ability to add drop lines.

Adding drop lines to a plot

Ability to reorganize grouped data.

Reorganizing grouped data

Export predicted values and all curve fit results to data window.

Exporting curve fit values to data window

Confidence intervals and further analysis added to Linear curve fits.

Confidence limits for Linear curve fit

Addition of three new plot types.

Floating Bar, Floating Column, and Fill plot examples

Export images at a higher resolution.

Dialog showing improved export options

Enhanced scripting commands.

Enhanced scripting commands

More flexible method for selecting data for plots.

Improved Variable Selection dialog

Show the median line on Dot plots.

Dot plot improvements

Box & Percentile plot updates.

Box plot improvements

Additional Enhancements include:

  • Added support for the latest Excel file formats (.xlsx files).
  • The Line Thickness setting in Plot Options now also controls the thickness of the plot symbol in the legend for variables represented by a fill pattern.
  • Added a command to the Help menu that opens the PDF manual.
  • Modified the Sort Dialog to allow for longer column titles.
  • Modified the text editor used for Posted Note, Library, Edit Text, etc. so that it can be resized.

System Requirements

Please note: KaleidaGraph is a 32-bit application and will not run under Catalina (OS 10.15). Work is progressing on a 64-bit version, however it is too early to provide a release date. Registered users will be notified once we get closer to beta testing.

If you must use OS 10.15, we suggest using a program like VMWare Fusion or Parallels/Parallels Lite to install and run an earlier version of the OS as a virtual system which would provide access to 32-bit apps. If this is an avenue you wish to explore, this article has information on setting this up using Parallels Lite. Also, if you have access to a PC, the Windows version of KaleidaGraph can be used to open your Mac files.

Ready To Upgrade?

Order through our website and start utilizing the new features in a matter of minutes.

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