Sample Macros and Scripts


Below is a list of macros that can be added to your Macros menu to operate on your data set. If you have a macro that you feel other users would find worthwhile, feel free to contact us.

FFT Macros

Perform Fast Fourier Transforms on your data. This file includes the macros, documentation, and a sample data file.

Peak Macro

Goes down a given column and determines the peak values and places these values in an output column.

Clear Macro

Clears every xth row across a range of columns in the data window.

Clear Masked Cells Macro

Clears any cells that are masked across a range of columns in the data window.

Row Masking Macro

Masks every xth row across a range of columns in the data window.

Modified Row Masking Macro

Masks all but every xth row across a range of columns in the data window.

Masking Macro

Masks corresponding cells in a range of columns if a cell in the input column is masked.

Compress Macro

Compresses the data across a range of columns so that any empty cells are moved to the bottom of the column.

Modified Invert Mask Macro

Operates in the same manner as the Invert Mask macro, except this macro can be used on multiple columns in a data selection. If a selection is not present in the data window, it operates on the entire window.

How to add individual macros to your Macros menu:

  1. Download the selected macro. All of the macros are individual text files except for the FFT macros.
  2. Switch to KaleidaGraph and choose Macros > Show Macros.
  3. Select a Macro on the left side and click New (v5) or Add (v4.5). An empty macro will be added to the list.
  4. Change the name of the empty macro and click Edit to display a text editor.
  5. Open the downloaded text file into the text editor.
  6. Click OK (v5) or choose File > Close (v4.5) to leave the editor, and then click OK to leave the Show Macros dialog.
  7. The macro can now be used by either selecting it from the Macros menu or by using the macro(“”) command in Formula Entry.
  8. Be sure to save changes to the Macros file when quitting to save the changes that were made.


Append KG Extensions

An AppleScript application that can be used to append the filename extensions for older KaleidaGraph files.

Have a macro question or submission?

Contact our technical support department if you have any questions or if you have written a macro that others may find useful.

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