The license file is locked error message.

This error message could be displayed if KaleidaGraph was installed using Administrator privileges but the person trying to personalize the program does not have Administrator privileges. You need to log in as the Administrator to install and personalize the program to avoid this error.

If you are logged in as the admin and still get the error, right-click on KaleidaGraph and run the application as administrator.

If you still have issues, a few users have had to take the extra step of moving the KGraph.rsr and KG45License files from their current (hidden) location and putting them into the same folder as the KaleidaGraph application (replacing any existing copies of these files). Under Windows 7 and later, these hidden files are located in the Users/(admin user)/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files/KaleidaGraph 4.5 directory.

You will need to turn on the setting to Show hidden files to access this location. Under Windows 10, you would open the File Explorer window. Under the File menu you would choose Change folder and search options. In the dialog that appears, click the View tab and turn on the option to Show hidden files.

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