Syntax error in the Macro Library

This error message means that one of the definitions in the Library contains a syntax error or that a text file was inadvertently opened within the Library. If you defined your own constants, variables, or functions, there may be a syntax error in the definition, or you may be using a character that is not allowed in the name. It is best to only use letters and numbers for the names.

To replace the current contents of the Library with the default Macro Library:

  1. Select the Library command from either the Macros menu or the Curve Fit menu.
  2. Choose File > Open.
  3. Locate and open the Library file within the Library folder and open it.
  4. Choose File > Close.
  5. After doing this, make sure you save the Macros when quitting KaleidaGraph in order for the Library to be saved as part of the KG Macros file.
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