Quicktime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

This error could be displayed within a plot window in v5 for Mac or in the Windows version when opening a plot saved from v4.5 or earlier on the Mac that contains a pasted picture that was compressed using QuickTime.

Normally pasted images would just contain the raw data needed to draw the image on the screen. Some images are pasted as PICT images but the image information is compressed and embedded in the image using private QuickTime code. Version 4.5 could display these images because when we would get to that part of the code it would automatically call QuickDraw commands in the Carbon library, which would then take care of decompressing the image and rendering it on the screen.

PICT images have been deprecated for a number of years and the move to 64-bit has removed the Carbon libraries as well. When v5 tries to render the image, it hits the section of the picture about the compressed QuickTime data and doesn’t have anything to pass it to. The error message is actually embedded in the image file – it isn’t one that we generate.

It’s just not a Mac issue. If you would take this file and try to open it in v4.5 in the Windows version, it would display the same error message since Windows also doesn’t have a way to handle the compressed information in the image.

Unfortunately the only way to view these images would be in an older version of KaleidaGraph. If you had a Mac that could run OS 10.13 or 10.14 (or had a virtual machine for either of these operating systems), you could open the files in v4.5.4, copy the image, and paste it into a plot in v5. But since the Carbon libraries have been retired and now that v5 is a 64-bit app, there isn’t any way for us to access the commands necessary to decompress the images.

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