I get a warning that KaleidaGraph is not optimized for my Mac. Will there be a 64-bit version of the software?

Yes. We are currently rewriting the software for a new development platform which will allow us to provide a 64-bit version of KaleidaGraph for both Mac and Windows. Work is progressing on this update, however it is still too early to provide a release date for a 64-bit version at this time. Once we get closer to beta testing, registered users will be notified by email.

If you must use OS 10.15, we suggest using a program like Parallels Lite to install and run an earlier version of the OS as a virtual system which would provide access to 32-bit applications. If you have multiple Macs, you could leave one at an older OS. If you have access to a Windows computer, the Windows version of KaleidaGraph can open your Mac files.

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