How do I prevent KaleidaGraph from asking for the serial number and authorization code for each user?

Log in as the administrator on the computer and install KaleidaGraph. Launch the program from the server and enter the serial number and authorization code.


There are two files you should move into the same folder as the KaleidaGraph application:

– KG50License file in the KaleidaGraph Preferences folder (in the Preferences folder).

– UserInfoV5.xml file (in the Macintosh HD > Users > (user) > Library > Application Support > Synergy Software > KaleidaGraph5.0 folder).
The Library is hidden under the newer versions of OS 10, so you may need to switch to the Finder, press the option key and choose Library from the Go menu to be able to access this folder.



Move UserInfoV5.xml and KG50License from the \Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Synergy Software\KaleidaGraph5.0 directory and place them in the same directory as the KaleidaGraph application.

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