Can I share files between the Mac and Windows platforms?

KaleidaGraph has the ability to share files between the Mac and Windows platforms. Both platforms make use of the file name extension to identify the type of file. The file types are listed below along with their file name extensions:

Data file: .QDA
Plot file: .QPC
Macro file: .EQN
Layout file: .QPL
Script file: .QSC
Style file: .QST

If you have files that were created in the Mac version prior to OS X, the files will not have any file name extensions. Just adding the correct extension should get the file treated properly.

If you run into problems, check which version of KaleidaGraph is installed. Version 4.5 can open files from any version of KaleidaGraph, but older versions can only open files created by v4.5 if they were exported in a v3.5 or v4.0 format using the Save As command.

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