KaleidaGraph for Windows shows in the taskbar but I don’t see any windows.

The first thing to try would be to simply reboot the computer.
If that doesn’t help, delete the settings files to get it back to the way it was after it was first installed.
  • First make sure KaleidaGraph is not running. If needed, use the Task Manager to Force Quit the application.
  • Then delete the KG Style (if one exists) and the KG Prefs files. These are hidden files located in the \Users\(user)\AppData\Local\Synergy Software\KaleidaGraph5.0 directory. In the path above, (user) is the name of your user account.
  • You will need to turn on the setting in the Folder and Search options (under the Organize menu in the Windows Explorer window) to Show hidden files to access this location.
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