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Purchase KaleidaGraph online

Thank you for choosing to purchase KaleidaGraph! If you have questions regarding your purchase, we have created a Purchasing FAQ web page and a License Options web page for your convenience. If you need to order an upgrade or crossgrade for a multi-user license, please contact Synergy Software directly.

Please note, effective May 9, 2019, the online ordering process has changed due to updates with our fulfillment center.

  • Only electronic product is available online. You can still order a backup CD, but if you want original boxed product, you would need to contact Synergy Software directly.
  • You are responsible for making a backup copy of the installer. For your convenience, the extended download and backup CD are automatically added to the cart. You can remove them, but they cannot be ordered separately at a later date. If you don’t get either of these with the initial order and need to reinstall the software, there will be a $15 fee to get a replacement download from Synergy Software.
  • If you are tax exempt, tax may be charged on the order but you can send a copy of your tax exempt form to and have the tax credited. To avoid tax completely, you can place the order directly with Synergy Software.
  • If your order confirmation was sent from, please visit the Digital River Customer Service Center to view the details of your order.
  • If your order confirmation was sent from, please visit the MyCommerce Customer Care Center and click My Account to view the details of your order.

Purchase a new single-user, 5-user, or 10-user license:

Choose License: Choose Type: Choose Platform:
Single User Commercial Windows
5-User Academic Macintosh (OS 10.14 or earlier)

Purchase a single-user upgrade:

Name of End User: Company or Institution:
Purchaser Name: Serial Number:
(if different)

Purchase a single-user crossgrade:

Name of End User: Company or Institution:
Purchaser Name: Serial Number:
(if different)

KaleidaGraph System Requirements

Windows Macintosh
  • Intel pentium processor
  • Windows XP SP3 up through Windows 10
  • 45 MB available disk space
  • PowerPC or Intel processor
  • Mac OS 10.4 up through OS 10.14
  • 60 MB available disk space

Please note: KaleidaGraph is a 32-bit application and will not run under Catalina (OS 10.15). A 64-bit version is under development, but it is too early to provide a release date. If you must use OS 10.15, we suggest using a program like VMWare Fusion or Parallels/Parallels Lite to install and run an earlier version of the OS as a virtual system which would provide access to 32-bit apps. If this was an avenue you wanted to explore, here is a link to an article that has information on setting this up using Parallels Lite:

Other options include downgrading back to your previous OS, or if you have multiple Macs, having one run Catalina and leaving one at an earlier OS. If you have access to a Windows computer, the Windows version can open your existing Mac files.

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