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Version 4.5 includes scripting commands that can be used to apply a curve fit to a plot. These are covered in the #SCRIPT command within the online Help and PDF manual.

In earlier versions, there aren’t any commands available that will simply apply a curve fit to a plot. The only way this can be automated in earlier versions is to open a saved Plot Script from within a #SCRIPT command. If the Plot Script points to an existing plot that has a curve fit applied, any plots created will also have the same curve fit applied. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Open or create a plot that has the desired appearance and curve fit applied.
  2. From the Windows menu, choose the Plot Script command.
  3. In this dialog, select the plot from Step 1 in the Graphic Template pop-up menu.
  4. Click on the Clear All button if any groups are listed in the Plot Script window.
  5. Save the script using the Save Script As command from the File menu. A copy of the plot will be saved at the same time.
  6. Include the commands to open this plot script in your #SCRIPT command. Any plots generated by the #SCRIPT will be identical to the original plot and will have the curve fit applied automatically.

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