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  • The number of entries in Factor A are unequal, or the number of entries in Factor B are not equally divided for the groups in Factor A, or there are data values missing for the corresponding factors.
  • Using an example of Male and Female for Factor A and Before and After for Factor B:
  • Factor A contains 8 entries for Male and 8 entries for Female.
  • Factor B contains 8 entries for Before (4 for Male and 4 for Female) and 8 entries for After (4 for Male and 4 for Female).
  • The dependent column contains the 16 data values that correspond to these conditions.
  • If any one of these is unequal, missing, or masked, this error message is displayed.
  • If any empty or masked cells are found, the entire row is omitted.

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Posted in: Error Messages: ANOVA