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  • Added the¬†Fill, Floating Bar, and Floating Column plot types.
  • Increased the number of variables that can be plotted on a single plot. Most plots allow you to plot up to 99 variables.
  • Redesigned the Variable Selection dialog.
  • Added 24 new plot symbols.
  • Added support for the latest Excel file formats (.xlsx).
  • Modified how plots are exported¬† to avoid using QuickTime and achieve higher resolution images (maximum of 1400 dpi on Mac and 800 dpi on Windows).
  • Added a CMYK option when exporting TIFF images.
  • Added support for drop lines in many of the plot types.
  • Added support for natural log and log (base 2) axes.
  • Plot symbols can now have an outline color that is different from the fill color. This also allows the frames in Box and Percentile plots to be different from the fill color, and for the frames in Bar and Column plots to be different as well (unless Black Column Frame is selected in Plot Options).
  • Axes, major and minor grid lines, and major and minor ticks can now have their colors set independently
  • Added an option to display the median line on a Dot plot.
  • The width of the boxes in Box and Percentile plots can be controlled by the Column Offset field in the Bar portion of Plot Options.
  • Box plots can now have a fill pattern when markers are displayed on the plots.
  • Percentile plots can now have fill patterns.
  • Added a Slice Data command to the Functions menu that can be used to reorganize Y data associated with up to three grouping variables for further analysis.
  • Added an Export All Curve Fits command to the Curve Fits menu that compiles all of the curve fit results in a new data window.
  • Expanded the number of statistics that are calculated when performing a Linear curve fit. The new statistics include: adjusted R^2, standard error, F value, and P value for the overall fit, as well as standard error, t value, P value, and upper and lower 95% confidence limits for the slope and intercept. These statistics can be viewed by choosing View Results or Copy Parameters to Clipboard from the View pop-up menu in the Curve Fit Selections dialog or by choosing Curve Fit > Export All Curve Fits.
  • Added a Copy Confidence Values to Data Window command to the Curve Fit Selections dialog for Linear curve fits. Choosing this command appends the specified confidence limit values of the Linear curve fit to the data window for further plotting.
  • Added a Copy Predicted Values to Data Window command to the Curve Fit Selections dialog for exporting the values from a curve fit at the original X values.
  • Modified the Edit Text dialog so that it can be resized. This text editor is used in several locations within KaleidaGraph, including the Posted Note and the Library.
  • The Line Thickness setting in Plot Options now controls the thickness of the legend
    symbol for variables that are represented by a fill pattern.
  • Expanded the commands available in the #SCRIPT formula script command. It is now possible to script all of the options available in Axis Options and Variable Settings. It is also possible to apply curve fits via a script.
  • Added some commands to the #PICT/OPT and #METAFILE/OPT formula script commands. It is now possible to specify the resolution and control the size of the exported image via a script.


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